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Vote For Donald Trump For Action In Favor Of U.S. Citizens

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Vote For Donald Trump For Action In Favor Of U.S. Citizens

Post by Hat In Ring on Sat Nov 21, 2015 9:29 am

Vote For Donald Trump For Action In Favor Of U.S. Citizens

Donald Trump Is The Action U.S. Citizens Need

If you are one of those who are always mouthing off about how bad the U.S. government is and want it fixed to work for U.S. Citizens and then you vote for a lesser presidential candidate that will have to rely on others to advise them, then your words are just "Hot Air" in the wind of creating despair and poverty for yourself and others.

Donald Trump may be somewhat bombastic but the reality of Donald Trump is he makes the correct decisions that are not based on a group of peoples failed ideology's. Hippie, Communist, Libertarian and Liberal ideology has all been tried and "Fails" horribly each and every time their social ideology has been put on the pathway of installation.

The hippie's, communist, libertarians and liberal all mouth off about how bad people are suffering financially and with health care for political gain and never let on that it's their ideology that's creating all the financial and health care problems within the U.S. population. They recite how good people in other countries are but never let on that it's the good populations of other countries that never stand up and fight their governments which creates all the bad people who put the good people of other countries in poverty. Then all the good people of the U.S. with the ideology of kindness for all import the good people of other countries into the U.S. creating higher crime rates and poverty for U.S. citizens. Bad people will continue to be bad if the good people refuse to stomp on them. "True".

We have a chance to get Donald Trump into the presidency and no matter the reason you won't vote for him if you don't you fail your own words mouthed about how bad the government is. Your words are just more of the same that created all the problems. Ben Carson is a good guy but he will have to rely on other failed politicians and political staffers to make his decisions and that's bad. The government is so messed up at this point in time no matter how likable Ben Carson is U.S. citizens don't need a cuddly teddy bear in the fight arena surrounded by viper snakes, pit bulls and murderer sociopaths. The U.S. needs a strong president at this time in history that doesn't have to rely on others to make decisions. Donald Trump has proved his decisions are sound and he won't turn to corporations or lobbyists to make his decisions. Carly Fiorina and Rick Santorum are the second best choices. The rest of the presidential candidates are, "JUNK" that need to be put back under their rocks.

Donald Trump is the best we are going to get and your vote for another presidential candidate is just another vote for "Obama" and continued problems and poverty for yourself and others.

Lets get the best of the best into the presidency this round and vote for Donald Trump "Action" to reset the U.S. government for "We The People" over business and political ideology.

Hat In Ring
Hat In Ring
Donald Trump
Donald Trump

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