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The Rollout Of Marco Rubio A Corporate Wonder Created Just For You

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The Rollout Of Marco Rubio A Corporate Wonder Created Just For You  Empty The Rollout Of Marco Rubio A Corporate Wonder Created Just For You

Post by Hat In Ring on Sun Nov 22, 2015 9:01 am

The Rollout Of Marco Rubio A Corporate Wonder Created Just For You  Ruboobio%2525202

Spill out your pockets men and empty your purses ladies because after the Ruboobio comes a talk'in you will be a gawk'in as this latest version of the corporate wonders scoops up your cash so he can pay tribute to his corporate makers who control what you get so they can be enamored with their brilliance of control and wealth.

As the days go by and the realization of hopes and dreams fades into the sunset of despair due to the fumbling's of the elected model Obama that we were stuck with for 8 long years comes the new anointed GOP rino fancy pants business communist model better wired than the outgoing communist model.

What's the difference between the two models? Not much in the ways that benefit U.S. citizens. The model we have now is programmed for full communism and the model the GOP rinos want to install is programmed for business communism. This newer Ruboobio model was built to appeal to the youngsters and persons of Hispanic origins with quick mouth actions and a youthful appearance. Will women also swoon over this youthful looking model too?

From the makers of the Boehner comes the fast talk'in one term did nothing business communism model completely programmed to tell you one thing while its corporate makers do something else. This newer precision model of what we've had in the past from corporations will slick talk with the best of the slick golden mouths and is specifically wired to keep you looking one way while its corporate makers pull off their plans to enrich themselves even more than they already are without you ever becoming the wiser.

Get ready for the, "Ruboobio" to roll out in 2016 as corporate leaders raise the prices on their consumer goods to pay the millions of dollars it will take to make you believe that this corporate model is better than the last and the one you have been waiting for. After the Ruboobio rolls out the ladies will cry and the men will weaken for a victory, "But One That Is Not Theirs".

Hat In Ring 10-27-2015
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Hat In Ring
Donald Trump
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