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Forum Policy's And Conduct Empty Forum Policy's And Conduct

Post by James Allan on Mon Nov 16, 2015 12:25 am

Donald Trump White House does allow people to post their non political web sites for advertising purposes because we believe in the "Free Enterprise System" and want to help out with peoples advertising needs. Tea Party Main Street created a "Free Enterprise" thread where posts can be all about your web site. We allow links to business web sites in our members signatures so when a member makes a post outside the Free Enterprise thread their business web site links will automatically appear to other members and guests outside of the Free Enterprise thread. These are the only two places Tea Party Main Street allows business advertising that's not political related. We are very restrictive about the advertising on Donald Trump White House and never think your going to get away saturation spamming or spamming outside the places set up for members to advertise in. "Please, Do Not Enter A Non Tea Party Web Site Link Into The Tea Party Web Site Link Under Your Avatar". This is against the rules and you may be banned without warning for doing so.


*No Cussing

*No Porno

*No Hair Pulling. Mental jousting, bickering & name calling is allowed if in good taste as much as good taste can be for calling a dumbass a dumbass.

*No Racial Slurs or Statements

*No Links or Banners To Porno Sites

*No Links or Banners To Illegal Items

*No Banners or Links to "Scam" Sites.

*No Spamming other members through the private message system or their personal email.

*No banners or links to financial, drug or knockoff merchandise web sites.

*Members deemed to be so called "Trolls" may be banned. A troll is someone whos intent is just to move popular opinion away from the thought of the topic and destroy what's being discussed because of differing beliefs. This forum is a "Tea Party" forum for Tea Party thoughts and beliefs.

* Free speech is one of the basic cornerstones of the Tea Party and is a U.S. citizens constitutional rights. Tea Party Main Street will fight for the freedom of speech for democrats also but since this forum was created for the Tea Party mindset democratic politicking is frowned up. There is no hidden element banning democrats from politicking, "The Element That Will Ban Democrats Is Up Front & Out In The Open".

*Flaming a thread with overwhelming posts of differing beliefs just to destroy the thread is not allowed.


*Advertising of  "NON" Tea Party or Political Conservative web sites in signatures and the Free Enterprise thread only (No repetitive posting of the same thing allowed)

*Links & Banners To Sites Promoting Tea Party and Conservative political web sites, rallies, boycotts and other things of this nature are allowed to be posted all over in the proper categories. 

*Links & Banners To Individual Personnal & business Websites are allowe in the members signatures and the Free Enterprise thread only.

*GIF's Just To Be Funny.

*Coversations about anything in the proper forums set up for general chat or specific conversations.


*The administration in "not" able to access any members password and view them. All passwords are encrypted and no human being can gain access to members passwords.

Please do not forget your password as it has been encrypted in our database and we cannot retrieve it for you. However, should you forget your password you can request a new one which will be activated in the same way as this account.
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