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Rino, Rino Libertarian Business Communist Investors That Amnesty Us For Profits And Ego Growth

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Rino, Rino Libertarian Business Communist Investors That Amnesty Us For Profits And Ego Growth  Empty Rino, Rino Libertarian Business Communist Investors That Amnesty Us For Profits And Ego Growth

Post by Hat In Ring on Mon Nov 23, 2015 8:50 am

Rino, Rino Libertarian Business Communist Investors That Amnesty Us For Profits And Ego Growth

Rino, Rino Libertarian Business Communist Investors That Amnesty Us For Profits And Ego Growth  Immigration%252520Poster%2525201

Will The United States Right Itself Taking Immigrants Away From Investors? "YES"

The sadness put upon us for the sake of the business investor that creates wealth for themselves off aliens that take from us. Open borders and amnesty to keep the bucks rolling in for people that don't and won't do physical labor and just have to message their brokers or "E-Trade" themselves to make financial gains off 40 million aliens that shouldn't be in the U.S.. The sadness of us being put on the
"E-Traders" when all the immigrants go home? Better we be happy and the investors be sad since most of the investors that profit off the sadness of us don't need the cash to maintain their lifestyles and only invest for "Sport" in competition with other wealthies to reign who's the biggest ego king.

At least 70% of the republican base are against the forced influxion of aliens upon them that lowers wages and job opportunities for U.S. citizens. The establishment libertarian business communists try so hard to make the unfortunate U.S. citizens they themselves helped create believe that they indeed have a fighting force but the fact is the business communists have nobody to fight their battles except for media commentators on Fox news, rag republican internet web sites and the wealthy business investors that won't go broke if all the illegal aliens are removed. They say, "Money Talks And Bullshit Walks" but in this case with the republican base waking up to the fact that, "It's The Wealthy With All The Cash That's Talking All The Bullshit And Making Us Walk In All Their Bullshit". A good part of these political commentators that I myself thought were for U.S. citizens turned out to be "Business Communist Lumps" who have made their riches off of investing and want to keep the wade of cash they will never spend on anything growing off immigrants to fuel their fried egos

The gist of reality for us is to get rid of the illegal aliens and cut back on legal immigration so businesses will be forced into a labor shortage and have to "Naturally Pay Higher Wages" if they want to retain employees to keep their businesses in business. This coupled with lower "Small Business" startup costs will increase competition to lower prices and raise wages. "These Two Ways Will Without A Doubt" work.

You will always hear from the "Business Communists" and elected federal representatives that are campaign funded by the "Business Communists" that there is a labor shortage. "THIS IS A LIE" to keep their profits rolling in off immigrants. Machines replace labor and it takes very few people to operate the machines, pack the merchandise and move the product to market. Immigrants are only needed to fuel extreme profits the investors and businesses don't need that U.S. citizens will never ever see. You will also hear there's a shortage of trained labor. Well, "BUSINESSES USED TO TRAIN THEIR OWN LABOR AND THEY CAN JUST START HELPING TO TRAIN THE LABOR AGAIN" and cut their B.S.! Except for some higher level skilled labor that will require some schooling as in computer repairs and accounting most labor requirements can be taught "On The Job" like businesses used to do with very little "Pre Job experience". Welding, pipefitting and a lot of electrical component manufacturing and maintenance can be done with "On The Job Training". If you want to stay in business then it's your responsibility to "Train The Workers You Need" and not the responsibility of the taxpayers or government. "Idiots!".

"Very True!" Pre 1970's before congress tripled the immigration level businesses used to grab people off the streets and train them. If you had some insite as to how the job was suppose to be done with no experience employers would get you into their businesses and train you from the ground up. This created economic stability for anyone that wanted to work and black U.S. citizens that got out and hustled work made huge gains even with the social walls they faced. Since the 1970's, the business motto has been, "Train An Immigrant For Cheap Labor Or Hire A Trained Immigrant For Cheap Labor" that put the U.S. on the road to all the B.S. U.S. citizens are facing today including a government full of mindless lumps for profit.

As for businesses that need immigrant workers and immigrant spending to survive? "GOODBYE". I myself don't want your business or need it. These businesses hire U.S. citizens to work in the face of the public and illegal aliens behind closed doors the public never see's. In many cases these businesses hire immigrants that speak good English to work in the face of the public pushing U.S. citizens out of jobs. You would never know the business employee your dealing with is illegal. "True".

Hey, if these businesses and investors want to profit off foreigners then they can just go to foreign countries and start a business and do their investing. Hell, they are doing this anyway even with the hoards of immigrants in the U.S. so to bad if they only have foreigners in foreign countries to milk for profits.

There will be some pain changing the economy back to a U.S. Citizen business and spending way of life when all the immigrants are removed but as millions of jobs start opening up the pain will be replaced with economic relief and huge financial gains for U.S. citizens that will remove the pain. Yes, there will be no pain relief for some but if that some needs immigrants to lessen the pain then that some needs to go away and find a new path. The businesses and U.S. citizens that can't survive without immigrants will be replaced by businesses and U.S. citizens that can survive and grow without the hoards of immigrants.

In ending, "Taking Away The Means Of Profiteering By Investors and Businesses Off Immigrants That's Creating Poverty For U.S. Citizens Won't Create Poverty For The Investors And Business Owners And Will Indeed Create Prosperity, Wealth, Better Wages And Opportunities For The U.S. Citizens That Are Being Put In Poverty By The Profiteering Of Investors And Businesses."

Hat In Ring 11-22-2015
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