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Do Liberal And Moderate Democrats Regret Their Left Wing Communist "Gods Of Government"

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Do Liberal And Moderate Democrats Regret Their Left Wing Communist "Gods Of Government"

Post by Hat In Ring on Tue Nov 24, 2015 9:40 am

Do Liberal And Moderate Democrats Regret Their Left Wing Communist "Gods Of Government"

Do Liberal And Moderate Democrats Regret Their Left Wing Communist "Gods Of Government"

WTF! Liberals after other people to pay for them but them not wanting to pay for someone else? Is this the way stoned and naked people want society to be? What happened to that president that was suppose to redirect all the cash from earners to people that are self drug induced? Did they not realize the communism that was behind the words of the people they promoted to govern them that had no intentions of paying for them exclusively and had every motive of keeping the money for themselves and then directing the liberals to pay too? The questions of the liberal minds that are getting answered after the empire of us have already fallen.

The liberals and black U.S. citizens of us went through two elections as they cheated Barack Obama and the democrats into two presidencies of hope and change as 8 years of their lives went into decline further and further.

The government wealth these democratic voters expected to receive never came to be as floods of foreigners came across the borders to consume us and the wealth the democratic voters expected to receive. The liberal and black U.S. citizens voters screamed, "Me, Me, Me" but the takings from the earners went to, "Them, Them, Them" as the hope and dreams promised in two elections emptied the wallets of democratic liberal voters to pay for foreign faces that the democratic liberal voters also wanted to walk the earth without borders.

The U.S. citizen faces of, "Me, Me, Me" and, "Free, Free, Free" had no realization that the people they were voting for wanted the same thing but for, "Them, Them, Them" and alternative reasons to use for the destruction of the voters that put them in power. The wanting's of the many matched perfectly with the past plans of Saul Alinsky for communism in the U.S.. The schools that were suppose to teach the children of the present about the effects of their decisions ended up indoctrinating them into a plan for society that would take from them just as much as the plan would take from the people that were suppose to be taken from to give to them.

The master plan of those elected to take is coming to bear down on the society that the democratic liberal voters are against as the term of presidency comes to an end for Barack Obama. The roots of communism were installed under stealth to fool the supporters that put the communists in public offices so that their support for change would not diminish as the next democratic progressive communist Hillary Clinton made her move to gain the highest elected office and continue to the path of total government control that included complete control over the voters that put them into office. The voters of "Hope And Change" expected "Trust" from the ones they elected to be apart of the society they envisioned but instead are realizing a new society is being created away from their envisioned society that takes from them just as much as it takes from the people that are suppose to be taken from and gives only to the people that are walking freely across the borders that have no bounderies.

The vision of open borders and people walking freely then getting their expenses paid for by others that earn is crushing the vision under its own weight as the people that were chosen to make this happen for them are more evil than the evil the holders of the vision have come to dislike. Of coarse capitalism has it's downfalls but the intelligence of the liberal self drug induced people that have no education in and fail to see that they themselves are promoting "Communism" because their vision runs the same course of the people that are the, "Communist Gods Of Government" that crush the dreams of being free and running naked in the dream world of blooming flowers wild among the greenist of green grass under a clear sky of blue and sunshine.

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