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Barack Obama Gets Full Control Of The U.S. Over Congress If He Starts An Engineered War With Russia

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Barack Obama Gets Full Control Of The U.S. Over Congress If He Starts An Engineered War With Russia

Post by Hat In Ring on Tue Nov 24, 2015 9:52 am

Barack Obama Gets Full Control Of The U.S. Over Congress If He Starts An Engineered War With Russia

Originally Posted August 12, 2014

"DON'T LET BARACK OBAMA GET INTO A WAR WITH PUTIN". Warning! In my own opinion the rift between Obama and Putin is engineered to start a major war that gives Barack Obama war powers. War Powers act gives Obama the power to bypass congress and import any labor he wants (immigrants) and sole control over "ALL BUSINESSES".

"DON'T LET BARACK OBAMA GET US INTO A WAR WITH RUSSIA". Donald Trump was correct, "Let The Russians Have Syria" and get our troops in Iraq out. After Donald Trump is president we can

formulate a new strategy. The rinos and democrats have bungled all foreign policy so bad it can't be fixed and new strategies to deal with issues have to be developed by Donald Trump.

Note from "Hat In Ring". This article is based on speculation. If anyone wants to wait for evidence or proof, "the United States will be communist by the time proof is gathered". The only way to head off the coming disaster of communism is to speculate and see if the scenario that's outlined in the speculation will work. In this case of Barack Obama and the democrats getting the U.S. to communism through a huge war with russia the scenario will indeed work in the speculation.

Many decades ago congress had already passed the "War Powers Act" giving the president the powers to take control of the whole U.S. without congressional approval.

This Executive Order Barack Obama signed gives Obama the power to him and his communist staff to control manufacturing, labor, private business and all sorts of the economy beyond healthcare and he can bypass congress on most issues. Barack Obama just has to start a big war. Barack Obama signed this executive order at or about the same time he announced he was going to reunite illegal alien families in the U.S. which is the ongoing border issue at this time.

This is the executive order commibama is going to implement communism with. Commibama just has to start a big ass war in Europe with russia that will constitute a so called, "National Emergency". Once the U.S. goes into this national emergency commibama will flood the U.S. with illegal aliens bypassing congress. Once national emergency measures are ongoing commibama will cement these emergency measures in and mess with the voting system since commibama will have control over healthcare and most economic resources in the U.S.. A big ass war with russia is all commibama and the democrats need.

This is what "Jade Helm 15" is for. The flooding of the U.S. with massive amounts of immigrants to break the U.S. economy for good. You know, "Once They Are Here Having Babies You Can't Get Rid Of Them". Jade Helm 15 which was conducted this summer was to map routes out that all the immigrants are going to take into the U.S.. The U.N. is involved for protection. The war powers act gives the president the authority to do this without congressional approval. 

Read Copy Of Executive Order Here:

Presidential Documents
Federal Register
Vol. 77, No. 56
Thursday, March 22, 2012
Title 3—
The President
Executive Order 13603 of March 16, 2012
National Defense Resources Preparedness

Pay attention to:

Part I, Section 103, Subsections C And D

Part II, Section 201, Subsection E

Part VI, All Of Part 6 Labor Requirements

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