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Republican Women Vs Democratic Women

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Republican Women Vs Democratic Women Empty Republican Women Vs Democratic Women

Post by James Allan on Mon May 09, 2016 8:17 am

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Democrat Women Owe And Republican Women Own

James Allan | 5-6-2016

Hillary Clinton? The denied flower of women's equality or the crusty barnacle attached to Bills rocks? How did Hillary get to where she is now running for president of the U.S. with pockets full of cash? It sure wasn't hard work unless you ask Bill if she worked hard when he was. Yes, Hillary is a lawyer but as we now know of Barack Obama who's a lawyer also, being a lawyer just means you know how the legal system operates so you can screw over others that are under the impression you are a quality mind just because you are a lawyer. Did Hillary Clinton get to where she is now because of hard work and mental ability or did she make it riding Bills pony? Even the women reading this will have to face the truth Hillary would still just be a simple lawyer without hooking up with her husband Bill Clinton whom likes to give all the women a pony ride.

Hillary Clinton the denied flower of women's equality for president of the U.S.. There's no way that's going to fly with other successful women that worked their butts off to get where they are now. The only experience Hillary Clinton has is being the wife of Bill Clinton who bullshitted his way to the top and played to the hopes and dreams of people that were repulsed by sitting down and reading a book or paying attention in a classroom. Hillary Clinton did in fact learn but her teacher was Bill Clinton and they both made their fortunes from the art of "Running Off At The Mouth".

Of coarse no numbers were kept on how many illegal alien women Hillary Clinton had cleaning her toilets throughout the years but I can speculate that after she got out of college and started ruining the lives of others with her lawyering she became to good to clean her own excrement off her pearl white toilet. Hillary Clinton will stick her face in the crotch of another women but uses the women that are the real denied flowers of women's equality to clean the bottoms of her shoes.

Hillary Clinton doing something for women's equality? This has never happened and it never will except for the Hispanic women she defends religiously so they can stay in the U.S. and clean her house and especially her toilet. As a favor to other democratic women also she fights with a furry to keep illegal alien women. U.S. citizen women Hillary Clinton does nothing for except run her mouth about all the welfare they will get if any welfare is left over after the illegal alien women get their hands on all the welfare money allocated by congress for U.S. citizen women.

Hillary Clinton really hears the voice of women crying out for the equality to pee where men pee as the sound of, "Chumps Ready To Be Taken" and not as the sound of distressed women crying out for their freedom from men. Hillary found her freedom from men by getting married to her joy boy husband Bill Clinton who lets Hillary eat as many women as she can keep quite about as long as he can race from door to door poking all the women that are left overs and to many for Hillary to eat. Open relationships are not just the property of the financially disadvantaged but are in the ranks of the wealthy also. Hey, if someone that gets elected to public office to serve the people don't want there sexual exploits made public then don't run for elected office. A persons sexual exploits are fair game if sex is part of your decision making for others.

The point of this article is women that vote for democrats have been put under the perception that republicans are out to keep women in their place of homemakers and under the thumb of men. This perception by democrat voting women is totally the brainwashing by the people the democratic women are voting for.

The actual reality and truth is elected democratic women pushing for "Women's Equality" got elected and into positions of authority by marrying very wealthy men and tossing piles of B.S. to women that feel they are being cheated out of financial freedom from men. The life of bored wife's of wealthy men.

Diana Feinstein is married to a wealthy billionaire, Nancy Pelosi is married to a wealthy business investor, Hillary Clinton is married into Bill Clintons popularity, Barbara Boxer married the founder of a law firm in Oakland Calif. that sues businesses for workers compensation and represents "labor unions". This story is the democratic party rings true time and time again. Elizabeth Warren is a different story. Elizabeth Warren was a "Republican" before being a democrat and worked her wealth up through books, investing and a $350,000 salary from Harvard that caused students to rack up student loan debt to pay her . In 2008 Elizabeth Warren was Barack Obama's assistant and rode Barack Obama's coattails to be elected into congress.

On the republican side you will see more women that used their intelligence to gain wealth and success that is on the same level as republican men without riding the coattails of men. Most of the republican women did it themselves through hard work and actual experience from doing the work on the level of their male counterparts. Sweat equity and the thought of failure drive republican women not to fail and to get it right. Sure, there's some republican women that are slugs that should be in the democratic party for sure that got to where they are through wealthy men. But for the most part successful republican women got their on their own and these women include:

* Sarah Palin

* Katrina Pierson

* Nikki Haley

* Mia Love

* Michelle Bachmann

* Deneen Borelli

* Pam Bondi

* Christine O'Donnell

* Carly Fiorina

* Meg Whitman

* Jan Brewer

* Condi Rice

* Ann Coulter

* Laura Ingraham

* Jeanine Pirro

* Michelle Malkin

* Marsha Blackburn

* Monica Crowley

* Angela McGlowan

* Joni Ernst

* Kelly Ayotte

* Janet Reno

I could go on and on with this list of republican women that made it on their own through their developed skills and intelligence without kissing up to some man if I started listing republican media women and non prominent women in government and business.

Even though I myself don't agree with some of these republican women's politics and will fight them tooth and nail they did get their prominence and wealth completely on their own without portraying themselves as the, " Democrat Woman Denied Flowers" that were pushed out of financial freedom because of men after democratic women create their wealth through democratic men as runs rampant in the democratic party.

If your a democratic women getting ready to vote for Hillary Clinton you may want to reaccess who you will vote for and start looking at republican women as your role models for your own success. If you democrat women stick with voting for democrats you may as well get some wall paper paste and stick yourself to some wall because your never going to be anything but a "Wall Flower". If you democrat women voters switch over to successful republican women and start seeing republican women as your role models through the hoards of men you think are keeping you in a kitchen you will rise up to the equality you think you don't have.

Republican women are equal in pay, equality and prominence to republican men so if you democrat women are not getting the equality and pay as men then a vote for Hillary Clinton means you want to keep the inequality you suffer under going.

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