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Donald Trump And The Anti Donald Trump Libertarians

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Donald Trump And The Anti Donald Trump Libertarians Empty Donald Trump And The Anti Donald Trump Libertarians

Post by Donald Trump on Mon May 09, 2016 8:28 am

Donald Trump And The Anti Donald Trump Libertarians Donald%2BTrump%2BFunny%2BImages%2B4
U.S Citizens Create Businesses That Create Employment For Other U.S. Citizens To Save Their Income, Learn A Skill And Create More Businesses That Employ More U.S. Citizens To Do The Same. Government And Businesses Do Not Create Employment Or Wealth. U.S. Citizens That Gain Wealth Through Businesses Created By Other U.S. Citizens And Start Their Own Businesses Create The Jobs And Wealth. When This Cycle Ends Their Is No Wealth Except For The Government And Businesses That Take The Wealth Through Mandate Or Monopoly.

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In the republican primary we saw the anti trump so called conservatives riding under the banner of "Never Trump" that swore they would never vote for Donald Trump in the general election against Billary Clinton. These anti Donald Trump bumps are now saying they would rather take a bullet to the head than vote for Donald Trump or Billary Clinton. I have some thoughts about the anti trump people taking a bullet to the head since they themselves are stating this but will just laugh and stay quite about it.

As I've stated before in past articles the anti Donald Trump movement are "LIBERTARIANS" flying under the "Conservative", "U.S. Constitution" and "Tea Party" banners. The libertarians are for "Open Borders" and "Citizenship For Illegal Aliens" and I ask, "How Can You Be Conservative If You Are For Flooding The U.S. With Immigrants?. Conservatism is about "Conserving" and "NOT" over doing. How can you be a conservative preaching the U.S. Constitution when you support businesses running the U.S. government? U.S. citizens run the U.S. government and create businesses which stimulates economic growth. Government and Businesses "Do Not" create jobs and stimulate the economy! "U.S. Citizens Create Businesses Which In Turn Creates Jobs And Other U.S. Citizen Economic Growth Through Employment". You're surely not a conservative if you support the massive influx of immigrants and businesses running the U.S. government.

The only way the libertarians have and can survive is through infiltration. When you talk establishment republican you are talking about the libertarians whom are one in the same.

The libertarian voice is just a concentration of wealth through business profits and "NOT" a huge number of U.S. citizens. The more libertarians can B.S. you the further they get in their effort to turn the U.S. into a country totally controlled by corporations. If you've been searching for that answer as to why the republicans "Never" fight the democrats you have just read it. The fight between the republicans and the democrats is a fight of "Total Democratic Communism" vs "Libertarian Business Communism". Nothing more and nothing less!

Whenever you here a politician state the U.S. needs more "Growth" you can surely expect more "Immigrants" to spur on the growth of businesses that kill U.S. citizen growth. When these politicians pushing growth start opening their mouths they are never talking about U.S. citizen growth in income and wealth but only about growth for businesses.

Everyone thinks these libertarians will be assets to the republican party and this has been the thinking since the 1950's but the reality is the libertarians are small in numbers and use infiltration as their primary tool to push their agenda of growth through open borders and mass immigration for business profits. The republican party as a whole has been getting hammered badly because they are known as the party that supports business but again the reality of this is it's the libertarian infiltration of the republican party that supports business running the U.S.. Business running the U.S. is "Anti Constitutional" so how can anybody think the libertarians preaching the U.S. Constitution under the conservative banner makes the libertarians conservatives?

George Wills, Steve Hayes, Paul Ryan, John McCain, Kelly Ayotte, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush and all the Bush's, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Linsey Graham, John Boehner, many Fox News contributors, etc....... I can go on and on with the names.

Donald Trump is doing exactly what the president of the U.S. is suppose to be doing. Donald Trump is campaigning as a conservative U.S. president of "All The People" including sane democrats and not as the U.S. president of a single group of people or an political ideology. Donald Trump is in reality the only conservative that ran in the republican primary because all the other candidates were gung ho for granting illegal aliens some form of amnesty which isn't conservative at all and to keep business in control of the U.S..

Sure, Donald Trump may talk some democratic stances but the reality of it is conservative U.S. workers want more pay also and inexpensive health care but not through government control. There will be pay increases and falling medical care costs when all the illegal aliens "Get Out". Social Security will be left alone and just put into perspective of what can actually be paid out. Same goes for Medicare. None of these government programs were meant to be used by U.S. citizens to lead the so called "Good Life" when they retired as many are doing. These government programs were meant to just put a little extra into the pockets of retired low wage workers so they would not burn through whatever they managed to save and end up living in the gutter.

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