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Political Parties Own Their Own Media Now

Donald Trump: I Built My Own Economy Now I Want To Give Back And Build An Economy For U.S. Citizens

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Donald Trump: I Built My Own Economy Now I Want To Give Back And Build An Economy For U.S. Citizens  Empty Re: Donald Trump: I Built My Own Economy Now I Want To Give Back And Build An Economy For U.S. Citizens

Post by Victory1 on Sun Nov 22, 2015 4:41 pm

The Republican establishment, the Government owed media and the Democrats are all scared to death of Trump far more than Carson. They know Trump can and will eat their lunch! That is the reason for the constant war against him. They know they can handle Carson far easier than Trump. They maneuvered Carson to be ahead of Trump in some polls. They know they can win If they can destroy Trump now, than they will destroy Carson next! Don't let those a$$-holes win. STAY THE COURSE!

Trump/Cruz, Trump/Carson, either one would be the best for our country in thirty year. I for one like Trump/Cruz. Great Conservative management skills on one side with great Conservative political skills plus crus would control the Senate. Trump is own by no one and has already laid ground work for a killer Administration. DON'T GIVE UP, DONT LET HIM DOWN, OUR COUNTRY DEPENDS ON US!

There is one other thing we should worry about that is far more dangerous. If by the grace of God the Conservative Republicans win the nomination, there is a good chance that Obama will elect himself as perminant President (Dictator). The next obvious event would be civil war, and we WILL loss it! So, we can either die sitting down or die standing up.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

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Donald Trump: I Built My Own Economy Now I Want To Give Back And Build An Economy For U.S. Citizens  Empty Donald Trump: I Built My Own Economy Now I Want To Give Back And Build An Economy For U.S. Citizens

Post by Hat In Ring on Tue Nov 17, 2015 12:25 am

Donald Trump: I Built My Own Economy Now I Want To Give Back And Build An Economy For U.S. Citizens  Donald%252520Trump%252520Building%2525203

The Truth And The Best We Are Most Likely Ever To Get In Our Lifetime. If Donald Trump Can Build An Economy For Himself Why Would We Not Want Him To Build An Economy For Us? Donald Trump Already Has His So What Would Be His Point Going Into The Presidency Except To Top Off His Life Accomplishments With Building An Economy That's "Great Again" And Living In The History Books Forever To The End Of Time?

If Donald Trump Wants To Spend His Years Left Making Himself a "History Book Legend" To Go Side By Side With Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln By Bringing Prosperity Back To U.S. Citizens And Making Cash Flow To The Pockets Of Working U.S. Citizens Then I Say, "Give Donald Trump The Keys To The Castle". I Have No Problem Being Part Of Creating A "Legend" In My Own Time!

Donald Trump took a small real estate  business left to him and turned it into an economy of its own. Unlike corporations that are grow by many people on panels, boards and hoards of executives laced throughout the business selling manufactured products Donald Trump's business only consists of purchasing property, enhancing or putting up buildings, reselling properties or keeping properties that produced for himself and investors, employing staff and work forces that produced results, working out systems that also produced the best results and working out financial complications with other private entities, governments and organizations. 

CEO's of corporations that manufacture products for sale are never in the same ball park as someone that creates the corporations that the CEO's work in. The person that creates a business that prospers has to turn the prospering business into  a corporation so it live on well after the creators life time if no family is capable of running the business when the creator retires. This makes CEO's of corporations and their executive staff that consume large paychecks and hoard money for themselves the devils to us out of government.

If these CEO's of corporations that never built anything and only have an accomplishment of raping the economy, U.S Citizens and governments for cash wherever they can get their hands on it ever get into government, "Oh Wait", they are in government and call themselves "Establishment Republicans" and "Libertarians". I was going to say "If They Ever Get Into Government U.S. Citizens Are Doomed" but I have to re-state and say, "They Are In Government And Have Already Raped And Savagely Beat U.S. Citizens Down With No End In Site".

In the future we need only the builders of great private economies and "Not" the college educated people that are only hired to run what the builders created. The "Runners" only job is to create profits whereas the builders motive is to create a well oiled machine that is given over to the runners to live on.

There are a few "Great" politicians that are exceptional statesmen for U.S. Citizens. These political statesmen are very few and far between but the still exist. The problem with the statesmen is they are overshadowed by the establishment republicans that have gained their wealth through "Corporations" and for the most part are the ex runners of the corporations that were hired by the builders to grab cash and keep the businesses living forever.

All in all an elected official that will do well for U.S. Citizens will depend on if they get the fact that businesses need to be surrounded by working class people that have plenty of excess income to spend so the businesses they are building can attract that excess income. CEO's and business executives are just trained to grab cash though any means and not to give back and contribute to the working class who spend. Some politicians do get this and are all in for working class U.S. citizens having good cash flow to them so they can spend keeping businesses vibrant. Right now in this time in history the republican and democratic party's are filled with communists and CEO's that are destroying the incomes of the working class U.S. citizens for their own ideology, personal and corporate gain.

Donald Trump For President Of The United States In 2016 To Create Wealth For The Working Class Which In Turn Creates Spending.  

Hat In Ring 10/19/2015
Hat In Ring
Hat In Ring
Donald Trump
Donald Trump

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