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The Liberalism That Is Ushering In Poverty, Despare And Hardships

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The Liberalism That Is Ushering In Poverty, Despare And Hardships

Post by Hat In Ring on Fri Nov 20, 2015 12:40 am

The lost soles of us will be in the present if we maintain the closed eyes to the social issues being used to consume the nation that eased the lives of its citizens in economic struggle.

The path to end global hardships is being used as the path to create a ruling class that inflicts global hardships onto the persons of opposition thought and ways. When the fork in the road is reached the path to be taken won't be the path that ends hardships but instead the path taken will be the path that creates hardships on the persons that are only of the mindset to end hardships. When the persons that are nice won't stand up and fight the entity creating the hardships in the lands that they reside in the entities creating the hardships will consume the persons of nice and keep them in the hardships of struggle.

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